We are all experiencing new ways to live life due to the current crisis of the Coronavirus, one of the ways being living in lockdown.

But how do you turn the lockdown boredom into something interesting and entertaining? Luckily for you we have come up with several ways to keep yourself busy whilst staying at home.

What are WAGlifes lockdown ideas?

Here’s a quick list, read on to find out more details:

  • Speak to your friends
  • Try out a new food recipe
  • Get to work on some home improvements
  • Have a movie day
  • Try learning something new
  • Try out garden camping
  • Try out a new hobby
  • Start a vegetable patch
  • In house games
  • Read a book

Speak to your friends

Just because you can’t leave the house to see your friends at the moment, doesn’t mean you need to cut off your social life.

With the era we are currently in with the online world, using great apps such as Skype, Facetime, and Zoom helps you to interact with your friends online as if they were sat right in front of you.

Try out a new food recipe

With all of the time that you are now spending in the kitchen, why not try out a new food recipe? There are endless recipes that you can try out with a variety of difficulty levels. If you’re struggling for ingredients, why not try using the foods you already have in your cupboards to invent a brand new recipe.

Get to work on some home improvements

With all of the spare time you now have on your hands, maybe its time to get to work on all of the outstanding jobs around the house that you have been putting off due to your busy lives! Start painting the walls, sorting out the weeds in the garden, or even redecorate the bathroom.

Have a movie day

With the busy work life you have been living in, lockdown is giving you a chance to relax and take a step back.

Use this time to chill and take a movie day. Get yourself some popcorn, pick some movies and spend your day laying on the sofa

Try learning something new

Use this time wisely to consider learning something new, you may have always had an aspiration to do something but have never achieved it as you don’t fully understand the skills you need to get there, learn the skills!

Try out garden camping

Who needs a fancy camping site when you can head out into your back garden. Turn your garden into a woodland area and set your campsite up. This is a great way to try out camping with your children and if they don’t like it, your only a few steps away from the house!

Try out a new hobby

Why not try out a new hobby, you have enough time to practice! You could try out baking, designing, a new sport, reading books, and even try out yoga. Hobbies are a great way to pass time through the current lockdown, and may even aspire you to continue with something new when we do start to come back into reality.

Start a vegetable patch

Creating a small vegetable patch in your garden could be one of your best ideas yet. Prepare your ground and plant those seeds, several months down the line you will be making meals with your own very fresh vegetables… delicious!

In house games

In house games are a great way to keep the family busy and entertained whilst being in lockdown. You could set up some goals and have mini-game of football or handball in your lounge, try out some board games, science experiments, or even make a bowling alley.

Read a book

Not only are reading books a great way to pass time, but they are also an excellent way of learning new things, whether that be wild and wonderful facts or improving your vocabulary. There are so many different types of books on the market, you can be sure it will broaden your horizons.

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