Who doesn’t love watching a great movie? Especially action movies. There is a common theme that people think all action movies are about is violence, but that’s not the case! Action movies bring the thrill and excitement to the watcher, its a spectacular art form of shootings, explosions, and the hero character taking on the world! We have left below a list of our opinion on the top 10 best action movies that are a must-see.

Number 10: The Fast and Furious sequel

If you’re interested in top-class cars, and gun-blazing shooters, then the fast and furious movies could be just for you. The star of the show Vin Diesal and the team go about taking on world-renowned gangs of criminals in order to survive as a family. At the same time as speeding around in power-hungry modified vehicles

Number 9: Rambo

If you’re into one man against the world movies, then Rambo is the right movie for you. Rambo is an ex-army veteran returning from the war, but upon his return, he realizes that the local police force is not what you would expect. This takes Rambo on a journey battling the local police force and any other contenders that stand in his way, he never stops until everyone surrenders.

Number 8: Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is about an ex-cop who has become a ghost to the modern-day police force, living his life in the shadows. However, when an old friend gets framed for murder, he returns to normality to hunt down the true killer. Not only is this movie a thriller, but it also has a hint of comedy to make it all the more enjoyable.

Number 7: Extraction

A mercenary with nothing left to live for is hired to take on an ‘impossible’ task whereby he has to go on a mission to rescue the son of an international drug lord who currently resides in prison. His journey takes him to another drug cartel who are willing to do anything to hold the power that the son of the biggest drug lord brings to them.

Number 6: The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne is a solo assassin, taking on the CIA after secretes of his actual identity (David Webb) are leaked into the open, along with his violent past. Bourne investigates to find the person responsible whilst having to run from a killer CIA director who wants to end Bourne for good.

Number 5: The Equalizer

The Equalizer shows Denzel Washington in a gore-filled thriller that amazes from start to finish. With a quiet peaceful life ahead of a former defense intelligence officer (McCall), things change when a teenage prostitute is taken by the Russian mafia. After the mafia did not accept a gift of $9,800 a war is started between McCall and the Russians.

Number 4: Green Street 3 Never Back Down

Green Street is a movie series following the life of a group of football hooligans. In our opinion, the third movie Never Back Down is the best of the bunch. Danny, played by Scott Adkins goes on a revenge mission to find the person who killed his brother. This movie brings the thrills of the football underground and the gang rivalry that fight bare-knuckle until the end.

Number 3: Mission Impossible

The Mission Impossible movies star Tom Cruise who plays the role of Ethan Hunt as an agent of the mission impossible force. When the team is betrayed by an inside mole during a failed mission in Prague, Ethan takes leadership of the team and the fight starts to uncover the truth, and stop the killers.

Number 2: Die Hard

One of Bruce Willis’s rises to fame was the 1988 American made movie, Die Hard. Bruce plays the character of John McClane, who is a New York police officer who finds himself stuck at the top of a skyscraper whilst a criminal mastermind carries out a heist on Christmas Eve. The only hope for the hostages is Bruces will to carry on and take down the intruders. Die Hard is regarded as one of the best action movies ever made and comes at rank 20 in Empires 2007 100 greatest movies of all time.

Number 1: John Wick

Our all-time favorite action movie is John Wick, a character played by Keanu Reeves. The journey starts when John Wick’s car is stolen, and his dog is shot which was a gift from his late wife. John Wick then returns to the underworld of assassins to retain revenge from a Russian gang that ruined his only hope of remembering his wife. The movie is thrilling from start to finish, with nonstop complex fighting scenes.

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